Tyler Austin

Freelance front-end developer

Hello! My name is Tyler, welcome to my portfolio

Utilizing modern and proven web technologies


JavaScript ES6



Sass / Scss




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Front-end development for CovidAtlas.com

Developing and designing the graphing of data collected on Coronavirus statistics across the globe. Creating a cohesive way to dynamically graph and display data. Integration of a user interface

Technologies used: Javascript, D3, CSS, HTML

Github: JavaScript and D3





Active Cases:



Front-end development for TheNobleDog.com

Created a completely custom website while using mobile friendly styling and layout. Custom components, cards, forms, and headers using SCSS. React components displaying testimonials in various ways.

Technologies used: React, Gatsby, SCSS, JavaScript, HTML

Github: Full website code View website: thenobledog.com

Web development of home page for The Noble Dog website
Web development of home page for The Noble Dog website

Information on this portfolio

This portfolio is custom created using HTML, SCSS, and JavaScript. Use of ES6 modules compiled with webpack. Used small libraries for the slider, GlideJS, and simple-scrollspy.

Technologies used: HTML, SCSS, JavaScript, Webpack

Github: Portfolio Code

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  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3 (flexbox, grid, animations, frameworks)
  • SCSS
  • JavaScript
  • Gatsby
  • D3
  • React
  • GitHub
  • Mobile optimization
  • Webpack
  • SEO Optimization
  • Ecommerce (CS-Cart)
  • Google Analytics
  • PPC advertising and integration
  • Excellent communication

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I became enthrilled with web programming and building websites in 2012 and have been enjoying it ever since. It all started when I needed to build a simple website for my local service business. Once I began I couldn't stop learning.

From my basic website of html and CSS I delved into PHP. Making a client log in system where clients could login into a portal. Clients could review private reports I wrote for them and make comments on the blog I created.

I love learning to build new things. I engineered and built a 500+ gallon indoor reef ecosystem. I enjoy spending time with my dogs being active, and lifting weights. My latest pursuit has been developing my green thumb and planting a garden at my home.

Webguyty's in-home reef system
Webguyty on a river raft
Webguyty's garden